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Organising events with interactive applications that have GPS tracking and game modes

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I would like to introduce players and mainly event organizers to this new Airsoft event application that will take events to the next level


The event organizing platform is free to try for 2 full events (and unlimited test events). After that pricing will be available after you register

The app is useful for Both Players and Organisers - Players will have more fun playing with all the apps features, and Organizers will have an easier time tracking the event

In Game modes like Domination, point tracking is automatic and there is no interpretation for cheating. You will always have a fair game.

This application can also punish cheaters, that go out of borders, by deducting points for every second spent in danger zones (Optional feature)

There are Replays available for every event that happens. Available to all players and organizers.


There are alot more features in the application such as these :


Multiple game modes                                                   Airstrikes                                                      Mortars

      Danger zones                                                                Fortress zones                                             Quest zones

       Medics                                                                           UAV's                                                            Quick games



Replay of an Airsoft Run event in Lithuania :


Currently available game mode is Domination (just like in the youtube replay) and Battle Royale is coming soon


Airsoft run is a passion driven project, created by players to make Airsoft more fun and immersive. This application gives Organizers a customizable digital map with objectives, real time player tracking, and automatic score counting. Players can use this digital map to see their team mates, call out enemies, check the score and prepare tactics where to strike and not run around blindly on the battlefield.




To start organizing an event please visit https://airsoft.run/

Also you can check out the applications below:


1*nZu0dsnlCQltPT1QMCHFAA.png                                           1*xqT83bMEz92IBYxS9UQNow.png

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