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  1. Hey, anyone has some reference photos with Janysport Skorpion kamizelka?
  2. Anyone can recommend me a LEFT HAND (Lewo) Holster for USP (tactical) , Glock17 or P226 ? For leg (like topic). Prefered something with kydex or simular material. :)
  3. Siema, I am searching for a SWD-M Dwojnog. Anybody Idea where to find one?
  4. Czesc! There is a new Version from FMA, with Aramid, so ballistic. I prefer the regular FMA Ops Core. Color of Rails is crap, but you can paint the helmet before mounting the velcro. (top) and it is bigger than the Emerson Ops Core. Asking myself what Company is behind "X-Shields" ...
  5. witam witam :) Have short question. Cause sadly it is not only "Buy that helmet and all is okay", no you have to custimize everything, I need your help. Original color or "best" would be the DARK TAUPE RUST-OLEUM http://www.art-paints.com/Paints/Enamel/Rust-Oleum/Satin/Dark-Taupe/Dark-Taupe.html but guess this will not be avaible in Poland. Friend recommend me MONTANA. So sure this is fine and they have a lot, but which I have to take for best "result" (simular the same) Duck Season or Sand? I will get Krylon Khaki (not the color) and Sand but colors are allways...well
  6. Formoza = Lubawa, Specops Komandosow = Miwo, Currahee, Redriver... but it is logic that formoza goes specops cause the company is not far away from gydnia. why should they travel 100000000km to south when they have a great company up there. Same with Currahee, Redriver and Miwo. One shop in south which supports mainly Formoza is EQUES with the diver-equipment. :) Sure that there also will be guys from JWK buying stuff from Specops and different, why not. But when you know the problems about the sizes of Uniforms...it´s better to have someone near by... THAT´S MY PERSONAL
  7. You are completly right. I am looking for the KRYLON KHAKI cause this color is simular the same to the OpsCore Urban Tan.
  8. Siema! I need some Krylon (hate the word, allways Ky...) KHAKI. Where to buy in poland? Taktyczny is out of stock :(
  9. CHEERS! Sorry, forgot about Kitlist. ACM Mich2002, painted Locust Goggles G&P (?) MS2000 Headset Liberator II (Chinese Production) Wristthing for face...tan TEV (poland) PVS21 Mount KAMA PPH. Kombinezon olive size M ALTA Superflex coyote brown / tan, whatever Meindl Desert Fox Size 45 ACM Wristband tactical tan (under armour copy) Mechanix Gloves Holster by IWO HEST (poland) for USP in Holster. KWA USP Tactical GBB on Arm: VFC HK416 SAEG (semi) with DBAL2 (replika), Eotech XPS (replika), ACM M320 Grenadelauncher 1. Line: Kamizelka Currahee PC QR LD 2. Li
  10. bleeeeh, thats chocolate-brown. xD my gun shall have a 2 color paintjob...with a nice used look. seems that i have done this. ^^ rust = used xD
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